Recipe for the Brain: Your Brain Will Thank You!

Today’s health topic we will surface on is mental health.

The following topic is not meant to replace medical advice and you are strictly advised to consult with your social worker, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist.

One famous proverb from the wisest man says: “A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.”

Interestingly enough there is so much truth to that! Let us take a look at some factors that can help our mood.

Our brain is an amazing muscle that deserves tender loving care. As we exercise our bodies by walking, jogging, fitness training, or even swimming, brain exercises are a great way to keep our brains in good shape!

Problem-solving, memory exercises, and reading inspirational literature are great for the brain.

There are foods that are great fuel for brain health. Omega 3 fatty acids have various effects on your body and your brain! Foods that are rich in omega 3 are the following: fish (though one has to be mindful of mercury content which is not beneficial for the brain). There are plant-based capsules that contain EPA and DHA which are important factors for brain health. In addition to fish and for those who are plant-based or vegetarian, here are some plant-based sources of omega 3 that a great for the brain: chia seeds, Brussel sprouts, algal oil (derived from algae which contain EPA and DHA), hemp seed, walnuts, flaxseed, and perilla oil.

Sunlight is great for the brain, in fact, it releases endorphins! There is something about the sun that helps the mood, so get outdoors as much as you can!

This is a section from an article called “Psychology today” and here is what they mention about how helping others or giving social support and how benefits your brain!

Brain Areas That Benefit From Giving Social Support

  • Reduced stress-related activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, right anterior insula, and right amygdala.

  • Greater reward-related activity in the left and right ventral striatum.

  • Greater caregiving-related activity in the septal area.

Lastly, feed your brain and mind with happy thoughts! Did you know that negative thinking negatively impacts your brain? Yet, kindness positively affects brain health and stress levels as it impacts cortisol levels! Volunteering is one act of giving social support and reduces stress levels too! The beauty of helping others in need helps one to cultivate unselfishness and this impacts one's mood! Have you ever helped someone in good faith, not inspecting anything in return and it makes you feel good and at peace? Did you know that too many hours spent watching TV can actually affect your frontal lobe? Our world will be a happier place when we cultivate the habit of happy thoughts! The majority of things we may watch on TV, we must ask ourselves, does it cultivate happy thoughts or negative thoughts such as anxiety, fear, anger, or sadness? Think about it!

On a final note, do your brain a huge favor and eat foods that contain Omega 3, exercise not just with your body but your brain, help others in need and read! Feed your mind with positive thoughts and reduce your hours watching tv! Volunteer to help relieve the suffering of others around you! Your brain will thank you!

Sheldine Altidor